A short example shows that the results delivered by XTC can easily be used in a process chain to display differences in the document itself.

Two XML files xdoc_v1.xml and xdoc_v2.xml were compared using XTC. In a following step the result has been rendered into a PDF document using an XSL stylesheet.

Changed texts have been highlighted in a way that deleted texts are displayed line-through and colored in red. Newly added texts are colored in green. Alternatively (or supplementary) change bars (fo:change-bar-begin, fo:change-bar-end) could be used or any other highlighting that is available in XSL-FO.

The example is a small excerpt from a real project, the content has been altered due to privacy reasons.

xdoc_v1.xml xdoc_v2.xml xdoc_v2_xtc.xml text_d.xsl result document